When Crazy Comes Knocking

August 22, 2011

… send it packing!

As a wise friend once told me, “you cannot negotiate with crazy.” I love this saying because nothing rings more true in life. We all innately understand this yet we all find ourselves from time to time trying to negotiate with crazy.

Here’s the bottom line… negotiating with crazy (in any way, shape or form) makes you just as crazy. It really does. In life, it is important to get your point across and express yourself but at the instant you realize that you are not getting through to another person, walk away. Yours is not to convince someone of your being right. Yours is to know yourself, know that you have done the best job you can do whether it be working, communicating, responding to another, etc… Once you know you have done all you can do, put the gun down, put your hands up and walk away, walk away.

The time you spend arguing and trying to convince others of your righteousness, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to move ahead in your life and what you gain instead is a period of misery, negativity, frustration, anger and confusion. Why do this to yourself? If people do not understand you and you have made yourself quite clear to them, then you have no regrets. Remember that some people will always be incapable of hearing you. And unfortunately that is not something you will ever be able to change. Everyone has their own issue that may prevent them from hearing what it is you are saying.

When you buy into crazy’s way of thinking, you own it. You make it your own and you take yourself down with the fight to make yourself clear. It is not crazy that destroys us; it is in the dance with crazy, that we lose ourselves and our power. When crazy comes knocking, definitely smile and send it packing! You will be better for it.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello


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