Intuitive Life Coaching

I see things differently then most people and I specialize in applying that “sight” to helping people identify the patterns in their life. More specifically, I help you to understand the soul reasons why you might be having the issues you are having that are causing the depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear,  etc. and give you tools for stoping the chain of pain and for healing the negative patterning that keeps recurring in your life.

I do not focus on traditional therapy “you are broken methods,” but I work to empower you and focus on your strengths while helping to alleviate suffering. As an Intuitive Life Coach, I use a unique blend of Intuitive Counseling and Numerology to help you uncover your life purpose and learn your individual life lessons so that you can move forward in your life. I have studied with many spiritual teachers and I am dedicated to sharing those insights with my clients to help them lead better lives. The types of healing insights I provide to clients can be read on my blog.

More specifically, I work with clients to provide guidance and wisdom on topics such as:

Each session includes: