After experiencing Donnalynn’s work, I can honestly say I view life a lot differently. She has opened my eyes to people I can attract, have attracted in the past and lessons to be learned in life. It is important we take a moment to accept our accountability in our daily lives. I know this is just the beginning.
M. F.
Hospitality Manager
Donnalynn is an absolute angel. She has been such a big help in my life ever since I met her. After one session with her, I gained so much clarity and a new perspective on life. I met her at the perfect moment, when I felt like I needed the most guidance. She is super sweet and very attentive, explains things thoroughly and makes you feel great about yourself. I would definitely recommend anyone to see her.
Y. E.
Influencer/Fashion Blogger
Donnalynn is an unbelievably gifted life coach! She is truly a breath of fresh air and the most positive person I have ever met. She gives such wonderful guidance and advice that makes perfect sense (she also gives amazing writeups after each session that are wonderful to look over as a refresher in between sessions). Whether it is career, love, or life guidance she is the one to put you in the right direction and guide you every step of the way until you achieve your goals and ultimate happiness. She truly cares about each and everyone of her clients, and always goes above and beyond to make sure she checks in to see how they are doing. She has changed so many peoples lives in such a positive way including mine. Everyone needs a little Donnalynn in their life!
Lauren S.
Influencer/Fashion Stylist
Donnalynn has an amazing way of telling you that "You are where you are supposed to be and the Universe has your back" and then showing you exactly why that it is the case. She shows you your lessons on this planet how and why certain patterns in your past keep replaying. It is almost as if she shined a light on my subconscious and woke me up. I walked out of our session buzzing with overwhelming good energy and feel a sense of purpose that I was searching for for years. I have a better idea of the path I am supposed to be walking on this planet and being a person that is not always okay with not knowing it has helped me in many ways. Donnalynn is a very talented, extremely uplifting and has an incredible way of delivering the truth and waking you up gently. I am so very thankful that she was brought to me!
L. P.
Financial Executive
Donnalynn's coaching has been instrumental in the development of my career. Her insights and intuition are spot on and helped me navigate some very tough situations and great opportunities. It really feels like Donnalynn knows me better than I know myself. I'm grateful for working with her. She’s been invaluable at helping me to analyze key situations and focusing me. She was also inspiration in helping to transform other areas of my life. I came to her for suggestions on nutrition and came out with what felt like a masters degree in keeping my mind healthy and balanced.
R. H.
CEO/Private Equity
Donnalynn has imparted some meta wisdom that resonated so deeply with me, activating ancient seeds that were planted long before we even set foot on this planet. I was invited to take a closer look at the ways in which our life lessons are given to us, much like gifts, as the universe’s generous way of giving us opportunities to learn those lessons we came here to learn. I was able to walk away feeling empowered, with clarity and understanding that helps put my life’s patterns in context. I have real action items now! Real ways I can integrate these lessons and enhance my human experience of this thing we call life! I’m elated, and so incredibly grateful for Donnalynn’s presence in my life.
E. S.
Hospitality Director
Working with Donnalynn has opened my eyes up to an entirely new perspective and shift in thinking that has led to consistent personal growth - spiritually and professionally. She beautifully ties our individual divine purpose into reality in a way that helps you recognize the purpose in every little thing - the ups and downs become a path of incredible lessons to be embraced. Donnalynn has been the catalyst in my living a more courageous and fulfilling life.
S. C.
Tech CEO/Female Entrepreneur
I’ve been a client of Donnalynn’s for about 4 months and I can honestly say she has changed my life. Donnalynn is insightful and intuitive, yet pragmatic and extremely knowledgeable. She is very dedicated to her clients and truly wants them to be happy and successful. I have struggled with shyness my entire life, which had a direct effect on my relationships, certain aspects of my career and most importantly, my self-esteem. I tried everything – from self help books to therapy and nothing truly worked. Donnalynn takes a unique approach which includes her spiritual knowledge, natural intelligence and her own life experiences, to help you navigate through this thing called ‘life’ while being your best self. I feel very fortunate to have Donnalynn in my life.
D. A.
Advertising Executive