Learn To Let It Pass Through You

August 25, 2014

images… NOT take you down.

What you attach to becomes yours but what you detach from NEVER impacts you.

You have a choice everyday as to what you will allow to affect you. If something in your life is upsetting you, don’t fight it, let it pass through you. When you fight/resist something, you give it life and validity. But when you detach from it, you diffuse its energy and it no longer has such control over you.

Life gets hard when you carry burdens that you don’t need to carry. If you don’t want it in your life, don’t give it any attention. Learn to let it pass through you, don’t attach to it and you will disarm the situation completely and what was meant to be a full out drama, will just barely irritate you.

By yielding to the storm, a blade of grass will allow the storm to pass right through it, whereas the old, stubborn tree will be snapped in half if it does not yield to those winds. As in all negative situations, learn to let it pass through you and you will be the one left standing when the sun comes out again.

Life is too short to attach to every drama that comes your way. Don’t bother resisting the negativity, you will only succeed in feeding it. You want a better life? Learn to let things pass through you. Only accept the situations that you want to engage in and let the rest fall to the wayside.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello

  • nikki, August 25, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for the wise words, you always seem to post something that applies to me or my family.  Oddly I just sent an email to my daughter about college/sorority drama.  I think I may have given bad advice haha.  Seems my daughter is friends with two meghans and a guy named mitch.  Mitch dated one meghan and then decided over the summer to date the other.  Meghan number 1 is claiming my daughter has to drop meghan 2 and mitch as friends to be her friend.  Unfair and unreasonable. So I suggested she email her and remind Meghan 1 that everyone is responsible for their own choices and actions. Since my daughter is not a party to this dating triangle it is unfair to make requests like stop being friends with someone.  If we dropped a friend everytime they made someone angry or upset we would be very alone.  So I was just empowering her to stand for beliefs and tell Meghan 1 that being her friend for 2 years was a blast and she will never forget the fun they had.  However she had no intention of dropping anyone as a friend.  Maybe I should have told her to delete the text messages she receives and not even read them...Is stating your position attaching yourself?  love laurie


    • dlcivello, August 26, 2014 Reply

      Hi! So lovely to hear from you. I think your advice was very sage. In terms of basic communication, it is important to express oneself - ALWAYS but after your position is stated, it is wise to not engage any longer. So, it's fine that you told her what you did. Personally, I would have said, "I hear you. I understand where you are coming from and I am sorry about this whole situation, it must be hard for you. Having said that, I love both of you and really do not want to be put in the middle of it. It's a bit unkind of you to bring me into it like this. I would like to keep my relationship with both of you separate of the situation with Mitch as I think that is the most fair solution." Then I would DETACH FROM ANY OTHER COMMENTS. I would delete the texts and not engage anymore conversations on that topic. By doing so you will disarm her anger and the situation will find a neutral place. But it is important that one expresses themselves at the beginning. I hope that helps! Always, donnalynn

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