You Can’t Chase Money

November 3, 2014

images-1… you have to feel WORTHY of having it.

In our society we are conditioned towards money – chasing it and amassing it. We believe that our very existence is predicated on our ability to make money – that abundance is somehow predicated on hard work, achievement and sometimes even sacrifice.

But what we don’t realize is that that is only HALF the equation.

The truth is no matter how hard you work and how far you strive for material success, that success will always elude you if you do not feel worthy of actually having it. 

Abundance is our true nature and it is available for all those who believe in themselves and who know they are worthy and deserving of having it.

If you do not believe in yourself, you will have a hard time attracting financial success and if you somehow manage to attract a portion of it, you will not be able to maintain it – it will leave your hands as quickly as it came in.

Everything is energy and if the energy you are putting out is uncertainty surrounding your capabilities, and insecurity around your ability to deserve a higher paycheck, then you are keeping that material success from you.

Do you want more money? Stop chasing it and start believing in your abilities and worthiness of having it. When we finally transition our focus from chasing to deserving, it attracts the material success we’ve been seeking all along. In life, it’s not about how hard you work, but how much you feel you deserve it. How worthy do you feel of having money?

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Written by Donnalynn Civello

  • nikki, November 3, 2014 Reply

    interesting post. I agree with your comments, yet I find there must be more to it. I personally do not put a lot of emphasis on anything material. What matters to me is family and those that are in my life. What I lack in money is clearly fulfilled in love and joy. I always seem to have what I need to do what I want. That being said, I absolutley feel deserving of money and on top of that I am always willing to give. If it was as easy as feeling worthy I would be a billionaire haha.

    • dlcivello, November 4, 2014 Reply

      Thanks for your feedback, Nikki. Having abundance in one's life is never about being a billionaire, but it is about accepting abundance in its many facets (love, friendship, happiness, etc...). Money is ONE facet of it. It is not everyone's path to be billionaire. Your life path always comes into play. Some people DO have a path to be a billionaire. When I speak of "money", I am speaking about people who are truly struggling financially. Living less than paycheck to paycheck. Abundance is our birthright and the issue of survival via monetary means is an example of self-worth. No one is meant to struggle financially (unless of course it is written as such in your personal life plan). You should always be able to attract what you need to live comfortably, if that is not happening there are self-deserving issues usually going on. I hope that clarifies things a bit for you. Lots of love, xo donnalynn

  • Rudrank, November 4, 2014 Reply


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