People Criticize What They Don’t Understand

February 17, 2014

Quotation-Bob-Dylan-criticism-Meetville-Quotes-255021… simply because they don’t understand it.

They either don’t understand the concept or the intent behind the concept. Regardless, they don’t get it – so they tend to shut it down because it doesn’t fit their paradigm of understanding.  Maybe it’s different? Maybe it brings up fear for them? Maybe it challenges their notions of right or wrong? It doesn’t matter. The end result still focuses on negativity.

A truly enlightened being is open to many concepts. This does NOT mean that they adopt everyone’s viewpoint, it just means that they do NOT criticize and place judgment. Their capacity for understanding is greater. They have fewer fears and they have no need to keep themselves in a box to be safe. Instead, they open up to life and its many experiences. This openness gives them a greater wisdom.

In life, it is never “my way or the highway.” That is ignorance talking. There are many roads to enlightenment and happiness in life. Just because you don’t recognize someone else’s road, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good road. People only criticize what they don’t understand. Criticism breeds ignorance.

The answers are never found in ignorance, they are found in understanding. Never shut down what you do not understand. There is something there for you to learn. If you feel the need to criticize something, it might be your lack of ability to find the meaning behind it. Open yourself up. You never know, you might just learn something.


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Written by Donnalynn Civello

  • wildopihi, March 17, 2014 Reply

    This piece is well written and seems plausible but I believe the paradigm only fits into subjective type of criticism. Subjective meaning based in a sense of "what I like or don't like" as far as judging another's behavior or situation.
    I think the paradigm does not ring true in the situation of objective analysis wherein criticism is not based in misunderstanding at all but where critique is based in qualifiable and quantifiable criteria.
    In an objective analysis, one would not base a critique of any variety on a lack of understanding. To objectively critique something one must have deep understanding of all the elements that effect outcomes.
    To lack understanding on an objective level, one would be completely unable to make any critique whatsoever.
    Critique that is subjective is flailed about with reckless abandon but critique that is objective is based in deep understanding and extensive analysis if it is valid whatsoever.

    • dlcivello, March 17, 2014 Reply

      Thank you for your feedback. :) I am a bit confused with your response, but I wanted to share it with the community nonetheless. Thank you for taking the time to write in. Always, donnalynn.

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