Lean Into The Challenges

July 7, 2021

… don’t back away from them.

Why doesn’t anyone ever teach us that in kindergarten? It’s really a quantum computation. If you lean into a pressurized field, you can puncture that field and move through it. But no one ever teaches us that. The energy fields that surround us create our reality and the ways in which we manipulate those fields determine the outcomes we receive.

If you stand up to the difficulties, you will transmute them into the next level of progress. But if you step back from them (so they don’t hurt as much), you will encourage resistance amongst the difficulties and therefore things will get progressively more challenging for you.

It’s like being in a pool. If you’re going down, it’s better to go ALL THE WAY DOWN and HIT ROCK BOTTOM because when you do, you spring off of it and come up to the light of day much quicker. But if you don’t want to hit rock bottom, and try to avoid it, you will be hanging around the dark murky depths of the pool for a very long time living a much darker reality. Which do you prefer?

The secret to life is to lean into the challenges, not step back from them.We’re here to move through levels of HUMAN PROGRESS and the more levels you face, the more you will get through and the higher your rewards. Ready to play?

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Written by Donnalynn Civello


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