You Can’t Get to the Top

July 23, 2013

climbing-tree-799349… if you’re hangin’ out on broken branches.

Life is like climbing a tree. Our path always takes us to the top. With every lesson learned in a life, we move up, closer to what it is we are searching for. Our goal is to get to the top – in our own time of course – but to get to the top nonetheless.

The problem for most of us is that we get caught out on branches that do NOT support us. These branches may look supportive and even seem supportive at times, but we may find ourselves on very shaky ground with them – whether they be in the form of jobs, partners, friends, etc…

If you want to excel in life, you must be able to identify these broken branches and move past them onto more stable limbs. The real problems begin when we spend more time trying to “fix” the broken branches and help them to be more supportive of our needs. Why do that? Why expend the energy to fix the very foundation that is not honoring you? Wouldn’t it be best to keep moving upward and rely on a stronger and better foundation to do so?

We get caught up in the dramas of life and forget that our responsibility is to ourselves and that we need to keep climbing to the top. We get sidetracked and think that our responsibilities are to fix the broken branches beneath our feet. Those branches are broken for a reason. They are teaching you where to step next time and what to watch out for. Don’t try and fix them, learn from them. The goal is to make YOURSELF better, not the branches.

Life goes on whether you continue your journey up the tree or you choose to spend your time saving branches. It’s always your choice. Choose the path that is going to bring you to where you want to be in life.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello

  • Claire Coghlan, July 24, 2013 Reply

    woa lady, you have no idea how perfect this is or how much i needed to read htis today been beating myself for effing up a broken branch that wasn't supporting me... instead of looking up for a strong one that does love you xoxo

    • dlcivello, July 24, 2013 Reply

      Love it, Claire!! Don't you EVER blame yourself for a broken branch that could NO LONGER SUPPORT YOU. Time to move up that tree and find a branch that WILL SUPPORT YOU!! Life moves on, sweet girl. Life moves on. Never regret what doesn't work for you. Only regret not climbing up that tree! xo dl

  • The Woodsman, July 29, 2013 Reply

    We can together climb faster when we understand that no one chooses to be another's broken branch. All timber has features, knots and flaws. If we help our fellow branches to see their own grain, they can choose to grow their fibres to once again become strong.
    But trees take a long time to grow. They can be damaged by storms. They can be nourished by good soil, sunlight and water. Or stunted by their absence. They are resilient and can bend with the wind, endure drought. Their rings accumulate slowly and tell the story of each season, good and bad.
    As climbers, are not responsible for the branches, only for ourselves. But if we leave each branch a little stronger as we climb, we make a stronger tree and help the climbers who will one day join us at the top.

    (I think this metaphor works!).

    • dlcivello, July 30, 2013 Reply

      I love it. Thank you-Woodsman. Trees are beautiful and they do represent our foundation and we should mutually respect each other. As climbers, we have an obligation to ourselves to know when we have OUTGROWN the branch we are on and learn to not over-stay our welcome on that branch. This way we can leave the branch a little stronger for the others. And this way, we grow and learn and at the same time, we leave the tree in a much better place to continue its own growth. Thank you for sharing. :) xo donnalynn.

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