Warriors and Worriers

June 27, 2022

… are opposite sides of the same coin.

These are difficult times where it’s very easy to fall into fear and allow it to destroy us. But that doesn’t serve anyone. We’re not here to be enslaved by our fears; we are here to champion our dreams.

It helps to know that humans exist in a state of duality where we need to experience both positive and negative polarity in order to find our way in life. There are only 2 directions — light/love and dark/fear and fear has a purpose, it exists as a necessary state of resistance meant to drive us back towards the higher frequency of love. In other words, fear is a vibrational default that keeps us from collapsing into a sinkhole. We come up to it, experience it and we’re meant to re-direct ourselves away from it and back into the light.

But many of us get caught in that sinkhole and collapse into a pit of darkness because we think we have no other choice. But there is always a choice. We can either choose to feed the fear and become worriers or we can choose to run towards love and become warriors.

Warriors ascend in consciousness whereas worriers descend into fear.

Warriors don’t give up whereas worriers give in to the fear, pressure and pain.

Warriors focus on realizing their dreams whereas worriers let their greatest fears run their life.

Warriors find a way to conquer any obstacle in their way whereas worriers give their power over at the first sign of distress.

Warriors don’t take no for an answer whereas worriers accept less than they deserve.

Warriors find a way to make their lives better whereas worriers decide it can never get better.

In life, it never matters what happens to you, all that matters is what you do with it. Are you a warrior or a worrier? Life never gets better as a worrier, it only gets worse. Sadness and despair can only beget more of the same. Where are you going in life? Warriors go places whereas worriers can only go into a downward spiral. No more excuses, it’s time to step into the role of warrior. The rest of your life depends on it.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello


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