The Dance of Life

March 7, 2011

Life is but a dance, a delicate and purposeful choreography of self-expression. This dance is unique to ourselves and requires a subtle balance of effort and grace. It can take many lifetimes to perfect our fluidity and technique. Every movement is in careful response to a specific event in our life. The types of moves and styles of music we integrate into our routines say much about how we navigate through our lives. Do we flow with an ease and a lightness of being along with Tchaikovsky, or do we intensely “rock boats” along with loud, angry and controversial tunes?

Whatever our mode of inspiration, we are here to bring that beautiful dance to life.  Dance moves you along your life’s path – moving fluidly, with purpose and to the best of our ability. Your dance is personal and should never be influenced by another’s dance. Others are moving along their own paths with their own sense of style and direction. You can draw inspiration from another’s dance but at the end of the day, you must dance to the beat of your own drum.

And with what partners do we chose to dance? The partner is a very important part of the dance. With whom we choose to dance says everything about who we are and what stage of life we are at. The hope is that we choose partners who compliment our style, who balance our technique, who bring a fresh perspective to our routine. This does not always happen though. Sometimes we do not always pick our partners, they are assigned to us. Or even if they are chosen by us, sometimes we get caught up in the drama of the rehearsal – the colorful clothing, the seductful and artful movements and the passion of the creative expression. These are all beautiful components of the dance, but if they are misused, miscommunicated or misinterpreted, then the dance becomes extremely unstable.

Know yourself… know your dance… keep your feet grounded at all times…  Recognize an unstable partner when you see them and know that you cannot dance with someone who is unstable. Unstable partners can show up in your life in many forms: as friends, bosses, colleagues, peers, association members, lovers, etc… If you try to dance with them, you will just lose your footing and your groundedness. In essence, you will be knocked off your feet. Even if that person tries to pick you up again, know that that degree of instability will always be there.  Know that in life, dancing with someone who is unstable only succeeds in pushing you off-center, off-balance physically, mentally and emotionally. No one likes to get their toes stepped on repeatedly. If that particular partner is your only option at the time, you might be better off dancing alone.

Your dance is what is most important. It is your life’s work. Your dance expresses who you are and with fewer fluctuations of the mind, the more stable and expressive it becomes. Let go and let it flow unobtrusively. When you allow your dance to flow through you, you will find that there isn’t anyone any longer who is able to knock you off-center. For the first time in your life, you have truly found your center – a place of real balance. Let the dance begin!

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Written by Donnalynn Civello


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