You Can’t Keep What Isn’t Working

February 2, 2015

th-1… it will be TAKEN AWAY from you.

And so it should be.

Why would you want to hold onto what isn’t working? It doesn’t serve you to hold onto it. But we do it all the time. We hold onto relationships and jobs that have outlived their usefulness in our lives. We get too comfortable with the routine even when it causes us unhappiness.

Maybe we hope we are wrong about them? Maybe we hope they will change? Maybe we are just not ready to admit that they aren’t working? Maybe we would feel like a failure if we were to admit they weren’t working?

Whatever the reason – holding onto what isn’t working in your life blocks your growth. It keeps you stuck and stagnant while you struggle to keep a hold of it. But here’s the deal… you can only hold onto what isn’t working in your life for so long until the universe takes it away from you – very abruptly.

You may have had a relationship or job ripped away from you. Rest assured that if you lose something (especially if you lost it suddenly or out of nowhere) that it was purposely meant to leave your hands at that moment. You may not be able to trust your own decisions, but you can always trust the universe to deliver the exact action that you require to bring your life into balance. In other words, you may not always get what you want, but you will always get what you need – whether or not you know you need it at the time.

Nothing in life is happening to you. It is happening FOR YOU to have a better life even if you cannot recognize that. If it isn’t working and you have held on too long, it will be ripped away from you – to help you make the decision you should have made for yourself months/years earlier.

Trust the process of your life to lead you to where you need to be. If something leaves your hands, let it go and trust that it will be replaced with something much better and something much more attuned to your needs and your growth. Don’t kid yourself. If it isn’t working, spare yourself the pain of having it taken from you – offer it up yourself.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello

  • heatherkristy, February 2, 2015 Reply

    I appreciate this, Donna, thank you for sharing. However, when it is not replaced. There is no balance.

    Heather C. Frampton


    • dlcivello, February 2, 2015 Reply

      Oh darling girl. It is ALWAYS replaced. It just might not happen in the time frame that you are expecting and in the manner you are expecting. I PROMISE YOU that. Keep your eyes open and your head up and don't have expectations. Expectations are what really cause heartache. When something is taken from you, it wasn't right for you and maybe you just weren't ready to see it. Your ego may have wanted it but your soul knew it needed something more. Just wait... you might be surprised with what comes back to you and how it improves the quality of your life. :)

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