What’s Your Story?

July 11, 2011

What IS your story? What is the story in your head right now about what is going on in your life? What are you telling yourself is the reason why you might not be getting along so well with others? We tell ourselves stories about what is going on in our lives and between ourselves and others. These stories mire us in misidentification. You see, we are not the most objective critic when it comes to discerning our own behaviors. We get caught up in the drama of our own minds and start believing in our own imagined inadequacies.

The truth of the story is that we tend to blame ourselves if we think another person has an issue with us. “Oh maybe I am not attractive enough for this person or not smart enough, not wealthy enough, not well-connected enough…” The list is endless. We put ourselves at a distinct disadvantage and question our own worthiness when in reality, what we do not understand is that all behavior is energy. People mirror back to us the energy we are putting out. Have you ever judged someone? Maybe a colleague or a friend of a friend? Maybe they rub you the wrong way? Maybe they have a big ego? In essence, they are a mirror to you. They are actually mirroring back your own disdain for them in the form of their actions towards you. As a result, we feel judged by them when it was our own judgments that caused them to give us the cold shoulder. People know when you do not like them or are jealous of them or envious. It is not a secret. People will always feel that energy coming from you even if you think you are hiding it. You are an open book. You cannot hide your emotions or your desperation to be accepted. People will always see it. You can tell yourself any story you like but the story you should begin to believe in is the one where you realize that you are in control of your story. If you do the work, you can write and rewrite any story you like. The choice is always yours.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello


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