Weathering The Storm

November 7, 2011

Resisting the storm will only get you uprooted and tossed BUT yielding to the storm will allow you to withstand the winds of change and remain standing amidst the chaos.

Storms are rough patches in our lives that may be anticipated or just haphazardly appear out of nowhere. Once they make their way across our path, we are in for some rocky terrain. The question always remains – how best to whether the storm?

Storms are much bigger than we humans. There is no way that a human can fight or resist a hurricane with their own will. It is best to brace yourself for whatever is coming your way and try to protect yourself from the aftermath. Life is the same. We weather many storms, some much greater than others but one thing always remains true… if you can allow yourself to be flexible and not “fight” the storm, you have half a chance of surviving the storm.  In our society, we are conditioned to fight, fight and fight. It is our resistance and will that we continually uphold. To resist the changes that the storm brings is to say you know better and that you do not have to learn anything from the storm. If that were the case, the storm would never happen along your path.

The storm is there to shake you up and shake you out of your complacency and open your eyes to a new world and a new way of thinking. Let it do its job. By fighting change, you lose the opportunity to grow and become stronger and better. Storms help you to become the being you were meant to become.

Learn to weather the next storm that comes your way. Yield to the lesson, don’t fight it. If you resist the storm like a rigid tree, you will be snapped in half and tossed off your foundation but if you learn to allow its winds of change to wash over you as if you were a blade of grass, then you will be the one left standing once the storm passes.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello

  • Julia, November 7, 2011 Reply

    thank you

  • dlcivello, November 7, 2011 Reply

    You are very welcome, Miss Julia! Sending you lots of love, xo dl

  • silvana, November 10, 2011 Reply

    Donnalynn : I took a yoga class last night with you where you talked about weathering the storm. It really helped me with a situation I had to face later on in the evening regarding a relationship in which I was having trouble letting go. During the conversation with the person in the "now defunct" relationship, I talked about letting go and the storm of change. I think I surprised him with my accepting attitude. Thank you for a thoughtful and beautiful class.

    • dlcivello, November 10, 2011 Reply

      Oh you are so very welcome my sweet. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. :) I am glad you found some inspiration in the talk. You will have many storms in life. Learning how to yield to them is what will keep you strong. Learn the lesson the storm brings and you will be standing high once it leaves.

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