Listen to Yourself

March 20, 2012

… and you will never be lead astray.

But how many of us can actually do that? Our minds are so cluttered and over-stimulated with such nonsense day in and day out that we can barely hear our intuition. We have also gotten very good at anesthetizing ourselves against our intuition through addiction: drugs, alcohol, sex, food, shopping, nicotine, etc… Addiction is a pre-occuping strategy to avoid the needs and calls of our soul. We can only sustain that pattern of behavior for so long before we break down. And we will always break down because we are going against the soul.

Our life is a delicate balance between the ego (personality) and the soul (higher self). The soul has planned this very lifetime and knows what lies ahead for us in terms of life lessons, romantic liasions, challenges, etc… The soul is constantly whispering in our ears, “go there, take that direction, try that out, explore that…” The voice in our head and the ideas that pop into our head in a seemingly random fashion are perfectly orchestrated by the soul to take us to that next level in our lives. But often times, we do not listen to it, or we are not capable of hearing it. We prefer to think that we know it all and we often times use our free will to move away from our intuitive nature.

If you want answers in your life, know that they never come from outside of you. You can ask for assistance and advice from others on your path, but nothing is a substitution for the directive of the soul. After all, your soul holds the blueprint of your life and knows exactly what you need to grow and learn, so why wouldn’t you ask it first?

We spend so much time in confusion and fear because we simply do not trust that we are the ones who have all the answers we seek. We are such an externally focused society that we have forfeited our beliefs in ourselves and continually give our power away to other people.

If you want answers in your life, go INSIDE. Get quiet for 5 minutes, sit in meditation, come to your yoga mat, pray and just LISTEN. You will always be given the answer in terms of a feeling, a knowing, an idea or even a sign from a friend or stranger, but you need to be conscious to fully recognize it – otherwise you will miss it completely. The language of the soul is very subtle and unfortunately our minds (as toxic as they have become) have the tendency to overpower our soul’s stirrings. Everything you need, you already have. Cut out the clutter and the drama of the ego and seek answers to your own questions. You will never lead yourself astray.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello


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