A Word to the Wise

September 19, 2011

The smartest of us tend to doubt ourselves. The least pretend to know it all.

With regard to real intelligence, that is all you need to know. What is real intelligence? In our world, it is divided between two schools of thought – intellect and wisdom. Intellect is of the ego – it is the part of ourselves that wants to impress with our education credentials and job experience, title, salary, etc… It is the part of ourselves that says, “I am smart because I have attained… I know how to…. I am the best at…” Whereas wisdom is truth. Wisdom is of the soul and it has no need to dominate another or shadow another or belittle another to make itself seem greater.

Intellect (ego) strives hard to be the smartest and brightest – it is very attached to an outcome and quite eager to earn people’s respect, gain more money, status, material wealth, etc… Wisdom (soul) is very detached to any one outcome while being kind and open and willing to share the knowledge it has attained.

Intellect applies judgment to every situation – “You didn’t know that? Doesn’t everyone know that?” Wisdom applies vulnerability – “That is so interesting, I never knew that. Thank you for sharing that with me.”

Intellect thinks it knows all the answers. Wisdom knows it doesn’t know everything.

Intellect tries to impress you with large words and complicated sentences. Wisdom breaks down difficult concepts with a smile and repeats them as often as needed.

Intellect wants to make you feel inferior. Wisdom wants you to feel loved and beautiful for all that you are.

Intellect wants to change you. Wisdom doesn’t want for anything but you to be YOU.

Intellect needs to control you. Wisdom wants to motivate and inspire you.

Intellect needs to win. Wisdom wants to guide you to the answer.

When you are dealing with complicated people or people that try and “talk over you” or undermine your abilities, step back and remind yourself what real intelligence is. Someone who is truly intelligent and comes from a place of wisdom (soul) will always make you feel part of the team. Only someone who is out for themselves (ego) will patronize you and make you feel isolated.

In life it is safe to assume that we do not have all the answers. The meaning of life is so complex and grand that only the wisest of us know that we actually do not know anything.

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Written by Donnalynn Civello


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